Monday, October 11, 2010

BABIES!!! xo

 Today I'd like to share my view on BABIES...first I do LOVE them, This is my little cousin Ava, I adore her...babies are soft , cozy and cute.  Just with a smile they light up a room and not to mention their first cackle of  laughter, I would say that is the best sound I have ever heard.  I am not a mom yet and struggled to be one about five years ago, when I was in that dark place I didn't see the message I was suppose to receive as I realize more today.  I was not ready five years ago to be a mom because I was suppose find out who I am first, and that is the journey I am on today, I don't think we ever fully know who we are but as time goes on, we grow emotionally and read more about self discovery, you do get closer to your truth.  I have never been more whole in my life than in this moment and if I could speak to that sad person five years ago, I would tell her "this to shall pass and you will see the gift in this moment"  "when there is rain, there is sun soon to follow".  Now I truly believe, when I am ready to be a mom, I will be one, there are so many options out there today, I no longer worry and age does not scare me, I will always be young at heart! I am a child down to my soul, and that playfulness will never die :)

     There is a small factor about babies that I do want to talk about and  it's the "POOPING" factor...I can NOT get pass this lol.  I love kids but as soon as they poop, it's like someone just rang a FIRE DRILL, I started running for  the door to survive. I can play with kids for hours, games, tea time, make crafts, watch movies with them but as soon as they get that look on there face, woah! "ok I'm out...where's your mom or dad?" SORRY! but I'm not perfect!!! I'm hoping I will eventually get over this when it's my time or by some miracle my child will be potty trained at birth lol

     I would like to end by bowing down to those AMAZING MOMS out there, no one can do the job better than you!!!! so give yourself a break once in a while and treat yourself to mani/pedi or a bath or a massage, take care of's a quote from a book I read a few years back "The greatest gift you can give your child is to love, honor, and care for yourself"