Tuesday, August 21, 2012

in the misty morning...

most of my mornings are spent in my office space...on my computer...with my favorite cup of green tea :)

I get so excited when I see I have made new fans in my Etsy shop or my sweet life facebook fan page...Yipeeee!!!!! love that !!!!!

this is my view from my office space, looking out to the beautiful green trees always reminds how 
beautiful life can be and plus buddha cheering me on from window sill is priceless (although I do respect the religion, I am not a buddhist...my hubby got me him from Chinatown, and he just makes me smile)

here's what I'm reading now..."A Return to Love" by Marianne WIlliamson

saw her on Oprah's "SUPER SOUL SUNDAY" and I just had to pick up her book that day.  So far, it has been inspiring and changing my view, well my perception about "REAL" life...here's a passage from the book, that just brought a warm sensation to my heart...
"Love in your mind produces love in your life.  This is the meaning of Heaven"
"Fear in your mind produces fear in your life.  This is the meaning of Hell"

I don't consider myself a "religious" person, and not that there's anything wrong if you are... but I do consider myself a "Spiritual Being" I've been on this Path of Awareness for about 5 years now...to me, that simply means I believe in a higher power, this just gives me peace of mind and this book is validation to that belief...there is more to life then what's right in front of us, and basically what we believe about ourselves is our reality in this life... if you are open to this?, read this book, it's truly an inspiring read.

have a sweet day xo

Friday, August 17, 2012

more soulful art...

made new pieces to share...

the sweet skies of night
true love necklace

be still in the light

the serenity necklace
the soulful journey

the path of life is our own

follow my truth

check out my shop to see all the pieces...

have a sweet day xo

Monday, August 13, 2012

to thine own self be true...

check out some of my instagram photos...I haven't posted on my blog in a bit bc been working on some new pieces which will be photographed this afternoon, and hopefully I'll be posting them tonight or tomorrow
yay so excited!!!!!!!

photo by fotocouture.com

photo by fotocouture.com

photo by fotocouture.com

have a sweet day xo

Monday, August 6, 2012

free the dream...

check out some of the pieces from free peoples new lookbook for Fall Collection...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

a peek into my world...

sharing the little nooks in my house that I adore...

my living room, the front bay window brings so much light into the house, sometimes
I love to sit with my tea and just be

my work space aka dining room (for now till I get a design studio) also beautiful natural light that comes in from  front and back window and the greenery outside makes it picture perfect in the spring and summer, very inspiring working and having nature so close

o yes my bike, it brings me so much joy when
I see it everyday, I have to admit tho I haven't taken it for a ride this summer YET, been so busy but I will make time before summers over :)
and above I made a teacup clock (hee hee) it actually does work!

then I have my watering can, rain boots, garden gloves, and cutting shears for gardening
love nature, but I have also admit I do not like bugs, so I do my best to be apart of the natural beauty and to tolerate the icky buggies lol 

my quiet space, my small library, reading nook, love it here.  
I meditate, I read,I write, I replenish, I nap, my true sanctuary! love this space

a part of my dressing room area, where some of my senses come to life, what scent shall I be today? although I do tend to reach for a light scent these days, I do adore the collection, some were gifts and some were purchased while on one of our trips.

I love my vintage jewelry box from grandma (my hubbys grandma) and I have some of her vintage costume jewelry in it, that was given to me
by his family, I absolutely love it

hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my little world...

have a sweet day (wink)