about me

hi welcome to my blog, my name is Mimma, I am an aspiring Designer, mostly jewelry right now but eventually will branch into clothing.  I express myself through my creations.  I have grown so much through my work, and through my spiritual practice.  I truly believe in mind, body, spirit connection.  I try everyday to be true to myself and be kind to others.

I am chasing my dream, I envision a beautiful design studio, where I can create till my hearts content and also have an amazing team with me... that is my ultimate goal (images from Free People office space, love their space) 

I feel so greatful to have someone in my life who supports me,  I am speaking of my hubby...I call him "bobe" we have been married for 12 years and he still keeps me laughing, I am the one who has butterflies and rainbows running around in my head most of the time, I do believe I bring that little bit of dreaminess into his "Corporate World" (I'm the dreamer, he's the realist) we are quite the perfect match. 

We do have an addition to our family, his name is Chachi, our shitzu, quite the cutie puttutie if I do say so myself....well ok so this is the way I see it...I am bit of a late bloomer BUT that to me is exactly the way it's suppose to be...everyone has a different path in life and I finally found mine.  I have been discovering the most amazing miracles about myself and just life, it has all been so surreal, I am so grateful for everyday. I started my own business in Nov 2010,so not so long ago, as a Personal Stylist/Designer with a love for Vintage. I will be letting you into my little world, that I hope to make alittle bit bigger ;) Im like everyone else with a dream, trying to make it a reality. I will be documenting my journey, my thoughts, my struggles, and my obsessions. I have made it my goal to bring my dreams to life... so stay tuned :)