Sunday, February 13, 2011

what I'm thinking...

my quote of the day :) What I'm thinking...

When I allow the silence this is what I hear...

Validate your feelings, allow them to come to the surface...don't deny or push them away, that will only hurt you more...acknowledge, heal ,and release!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Pretty Recycle Story Before/After

I have been wanting to do something to this candle chandlier for several years now but I had no was pretty but alittle too today I found a great lamp shade in a vintage store for one of my lamps...the lamp also had flowers on it (from another project I did a few years back) but with the new lampshade no need for the flowers too so I decided to take those flowers (yellow roses) off the lamp and put them on chandlier with a bunch of other flowers and strings some pearls...I made my vision come to life, just needs some was so much fun making...and I think it's very girly...cute for my dressing room :)


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sundays Best

Growing up, my mom would always lay out my best clothes only to wear on Sundays, as if the Pope was arriving at our home. He never did show but this stuck with me throughout the years, so for the last 20... I've actually tried to wear Sundays Best everyday, It's much more fun!!!! and I feel hey you never know, maybe the Pope will show?, I wanna be ready ;)

  Aren't these dresses and skirts so lovely?, they remind me that Spring is coming soon...these are all vintage finds and will be posted in my Etsy Shop soon!

can't wear Sundays best without a beautiful vintage purse and of course a my sweet style necklace!!

Will be posting Sundays Best once a week to show new vintage finds! have an amazing day xo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Before and After Project

I've been wanting to do something different with this dresser (from Ikea was plain white when I bought it) in my dressing room (had it for about 7 years)  as you can see I have tried one way of sprucing it up but I never quite loved it...this is the BEFORE

Here's the AFTER...just some Wall Art Contact Paper from Home Depot for $15 bucks looks like a brand new dresser!