Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Sweet Sunny Holiday

wow what an amazing day it turned out to be for our Easter...I was so afraid of the rain but it turned out to be like 78 degrees and sunny YAY!!!!!!!

so all my decor went to setting up outside...I went for a earthy kinda Southern theme this year, I try to make it as homey and inviting as possible for my guests

This is our gazebo in our backyard, which as you can see is pretty bare until the tent goes up, so I tried to make it alittle prettier with some flowers, I will probably add more to make alittle fuller looking

This was the second table, I had about 20 guests so one table obviously wasn't enough.  I found wood letters for everyones initials which I tied around mason jars with rope for seating and of course drinking :)

ok so heres the thing, I got so caught up on setting up and when my guests arrived I was so excited to hang and chat and eat with them, I completely forgot to take pix of us :( ...I am hoping my guests took some and will be sending them soon, so I'll keep you posted...just imagine it was an amazing day lots of laughs, music and lots of food!!!! hee hee

thanks for visiting!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

In my dream world

my sweet Saturday loves...

 Stevie Nicks...her music..her look...the whole package!

 furniture, that just makes me smile :)
 love it!

 summer fun at free people!

 beautiful vintage...taking a walk on a lovely spring day

all about the daisy...my favorite!... cute enough to eat 

O my word...seriously my next car!!!!or should I say bus lol... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! taking it out on the open road

hope you enjoyed my sweet saturday loves!!!! xoxo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my sweet spring denial

meeting one of my sweet friends for an early dinner, just want to share my sweet getup for the night.  Even tho it is a cold rainy spring day, I am so sick of "Winter/Fall" clothing, so my getup is a little in denial  about the weather, my sweet getup thinks its a beautiful sunny spring day and that's what I'm sticking with :)

really was having fun with this
"look of spring denial"
hee hee!
 I'll probably regret it when I go outside and feel the cold, o and of course 
I'll put on a jacket, 
but still I am just so sick of heavy sweaters, scarfs, boots, and gloves...over it! besides 
the way
I think of it, I'll be out in the cold for about 2 min, once from house to car then, car to restaurant right? 
o wow! I am so convincing myself that this is  ok lol

getup details:
flowery top: forever 21
tank: gap
jeans: freepeople
wedges: urban outfitters
daisy: one of my many flower DIY hairclips
belt: lucky brand

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we have progress...

just wanted to post the slow progression of my "teacup clock project" I made a few changes from original plan..here's where I'm at,I actually decided to spray paint the teacups a terracota gloss spray paint, I wanted a modern twist to it, also painted the hands same color....

adding wood trim to the each side of the clock, and painting it the same color, I think it's coming out pretty nice, whatya think?

 we are repainting our hallway in our home as well and adding really pretty wallpaper to the front entry way, I think I know exactly where I would like to put this clock, hopefully it will be a nice addition to our redesign lol...ok will post final pix soon...o and I have not gotten to the "my sweet redo" pillows yet, that will probably be alittle later, still need to figure out what color to paint the chandelier.  ok guys thx for coming by, have an amazing day :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

my favorite time...dress up!

this post should be a part of the "my sweet getups" page but truthfully I still don't have this bloggin down perfectly yet, I don't know how to add this to the page...so in the meantime I'll just post a new post lol...this was my getup for Sat night.  Me and hubby had dinner with friends.  The hubster, unfortunately is camera shy, so you won't see whole lot of him in my blog,  I do have to respect his wishes!! xo

top: h&m
skirt: vintage
daisy pin: vintage
belt: jcrew
shoes: nine west

Friday, April 8, 2011


ok so I am still working on my sweet redo projects but of course have to take on another, one of my favorite blogs is Vintage Revival, she had a DIY teacup clock, well when I saw it I HAD to have it, or rather I had to make it.  Here are the beginning stages of my teacup clock, obviously I am designing it a little differently putting my own twist to it...it's not done, but bare with me :)

This is the board I am using,bought a slab of wood at home depot for $3 bucks and I have decided to keep it square.  I also decopagued music paper to the board, italian music paper, that I printed off the internet.

here are the teacups I found in some thrift stores, like about $.50 ea and got 25% off as well ;)

and here is the rough draft, the middle piece is the clock mechanics, which gets mounted to the back. I ordered clock hands, about $5 bucks, so waiting for them to come in, and I am also adding molding to each side of the board, that I don't have yet, need to go to Home Depot and get some.  I am so excited, hopefully it will actually tell time and no cups fall off in the middle of the night when we're sleeping,omg could you imagine? but I am told this Gorilla Epoxy glue is suppose to be the best stuff, so we'll see!!!

thx guys, will be posting finish product very soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Glam Squad

This why I love working at Anthropologie,  The April Catalog is inspiring for my vintage fashion, and home decor...love the unique and beautiful way everything is presented.  It truly is a dream!

 ahhhhh... the beauty of the glamorous life, just kidding but i do love how every pix brings you somewhere in your own imagination, or is that just me? lol I love to go through there catalog and just start day dreaming...Anthropologie is what inspires me most to go for my dreams, it's an outline of what I aspire for my future store or studio, whatever I end up deciding but I am glad I found a place that feels like home :)