Sunday, August 5, 2012

a peek into my world...

sharing the little nooks in my house that I adore...

my living room, the front bay window brings so much light into the house, sometimes
I love to sit with my tea and just be

my work space aka dining room (for now till I get a design studio) also beautiful natural light that comes in from  front and back window and the greenery outside makes it picture perfect in the spring and summer, very inspiring working and having nature so close

o yes my bike, it brings me so much joy when
I see it everyday, I have to admit tho I haven't taken it for a ride this summer YET, been so busy but I will make time before summers over :)
and above I made a teacup clock (hee hee) it actually does work!

then I have my watering can, rain boots, garden gloves, and cutting shears for gardening
love nature, but I have also admit I do not like bugs, so I do my best to be apart of the natural beauty and to tolerate the icky buggies lol 

my quiet space, my small library, reading nook, love it here.  
I meditate, I read,I write, I replenish, I nap, my true sanctuary! love this space

a part of my dressing room area, where some of my senses come to life, what scent shall I be today? although I do tend to reach for a light scent these days, I do adore the collection, some were gifts and some were purchased while on one of our trips.

I love my vintage jewelry box from grandma (my hubbys grandma) and I have some of her vintage costume jewelry in it, that was given to me
by his family, I absolutely love it

hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my little world...

have a sweet day (wink)


  1. Love a home that tells a story - such a beautiful place. Am jealous of your library and chill-out space! Thanks for sharing x

  2. hi Cara aww thx ur so sweet, I had to make a small space for myself just to get away from life sometimes, just a pick even the smallest corner in ur hosue and make it your own...thx for the sweet comment!!!
    be well xo