Friday, March 18, 2011

The Seasons , they are a changin'

Yay!!!! soooo excited for this weather!!!!, wow haven't blogged in a while...went through a hard time this past month, mom went through a tramatic time. I had to be there for her, don't want to get into too many details but she is doing much better today, so we are so grateful. I have to say through that time< I never lost faith, I always knew it would be ok and that this was happening for a reason. I did allow myself to feel sad and emotional tho bc it truly was, no one wants to see your love one in pain. As we went through this process, I realized how much love and courage I truly have for another human being. I started to understand compassion for another, don't get me wrong I always felt for others who were sick but this was close to home and pierced my soul. The gift I found in this experience was the bond my mom and I developed, we are more alike and beautifully different at the same time, but I get her, I do, she is an amazing sensitive, intelligent and strong human being! growing up I didn't always get her and she didn't always get me, but if we would have just LISTENED, truly listened to each other, we always wanted the same thing from each other, love...that's it just love, compassion, understanding of each other. When you think about it, that's all anybody really wants right?!

Basically what I came away from all this is we are all connected, even when you think your not, you are! bc we all have the underline message "to be happy" and "to be loved"

I will be posting more, now that mom is recovering and will share more of our venture together, she is teaching me how to crochet, so my necklaces will be even prettier!!! and made with even more LOVE!!! will show you soon ;) thx guys and be well xoxo

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