Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunny Days are here again!

woke up alittle cranky this morning...hmmmm maybe bc I was up watching not only one awesome movie but two..."The Fighter", wow that was an amazing movie, great actors, great story, loved it!!!!! and then "The Green Mile"....another awesome movie but that one was like 3 hrs and of course once I start watching something I can't stop in the middle so  I was pretty beat by 2:30am and I don't like to sleep too late bc I feel I have to take advantage of these beautiful days as they last plus being woken up by your neighbors dog barking at 7am was not so fun either... so needless to say I needed an extra cup of green tea this morning and please no talking till I get my first cup...hee hee!!!

also wanted to post about  little project going on in my house, we've had this blank wall in our Living Room for awhile now and not really knowing quite what to do with it...when I decided in my venture out vintage shopping I would come across mirrors all different shapes and sizes, so me and hubby decided we would do a wall of mirrors, all white (some we needed to paint) but different shapes...well this is where we are at so far, obviously more need to go up but just wanted to post the progress...

I think it may come out pretty cool when we're done, and it's been fun doing this together!!!!!

also I wanted to post my outfit from yesterday (going to make file with Daily Outfits soon) to introduce's hard to make the transition sometimes, Winter into I decided to layer lightly and go from there :) thx guys xoxo enjoy the sunny day!!!!

cream top: vintage
 cardigan: vintage
bow belt: anthropologie
jeans: urban outfitters
maryjane shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: anthropologie
purse: vintage 

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