Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Glam Squad

This why I love working at Anthropologie,  The April Catalog is inspiring for my vintage fashion, and home decor...love the unique and beautiful way everything is presented.  It truly is a dream!

 ahhhhh... the beauty of the glamorous life, just kidding but i do love how every pix brings you somewhere in your own imagination, or is that just me? lol I love to go through there catalog and just start day dreaming...Anthropologie is what inspires me most to go for my dreams, it's an outline of what I aspire for my future store or studio, whatever I end up deciding but I am glad I found a place that feels like home :)


  1. I LOVE those shoes!!!! And those yellow shorts... yum!! =) x

  2. Hey there! Found you on Elsie's blog :] The new Anthropologie catalog is to die for!


  3. hi ladies, so excited to have you here, welcome to my blog...it's like having new girlfriends come over to hang :) love Elsie's blog!!!
    hee hee

    yes I am in love with Anthro I work there PT and have the best job ever, I get to see creativity everytime I work and meet amazing new people...I hope to one day have my own store inspired by them, of course with mmy own twist

  4. Hi
    I JUST stumbled upon your blog, and I'm already loving it! And those dresses that you have in your etsy shop are amazing. Where do you find ones like those?

  5. hey anonymous, this all so new to me so I appreciate ur sweet comment...ummm I am a thrifter, I just find them at vintage stores, flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, wherever! I truly have so much fun doing it...thx and welcome!!!!!!

  6. Such lovely pics!
    So bright and happy, and the Diana camera lens type effect on the one with the car :)
    I keep hearing about anthropology in blog world and it sounds great!
    Don't you just want to be that woman? Especially in the last 4 pictures.
    I know exactly what u mean about getting caught up in these pictures...I wrote about it in this blog post ....


    My blogs new, would love to hear your thoughts
    Katie x