Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Sweet Sunny Holiday

wow what an amazing day it turned out to be for our Easter...I was so afraid of the rain but it turned out to be like 78 degrees and sunny YAY!!!!!!!

so all my decor went to setting up outside...I went for a earthy kinda Southern theme this year, I try to make it as homey and inviting as possible for my guests

This is our gazebo in our backyard, which as you can see is pretty bare until the tent goes up, so I tried to make it alittle prettier with some flowers, I will probably add more to make alittle fuller looking

This was the second table, I had about 20 guests so one table obviously wasn't enough.  I found wood letters for everyones initials which I tied around mason jars with rope for seating and of course drinking :)

ok so heres the thing, I got so caught up on setting up and when my guests arrived I was so excited to hang and chat and eat with them, I completely forgot to take pix of us :( ...I am hoping my guests took some and will be sending them soon, so I'll keep you posted...just imagine it was an amazing day lots of laughs, music and lots of food!!!! hee hee

thanks for visiting!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your table layout is beautiful! Unfortunately I live in an apartment for now (with a small balcony overlooking a river might I add!) but dream and aspire to have a back garden of my own one day. Your pictures are inspirational x

  2. awww thx ladies, means so much!!!!

    @dana ur balcony is probably amazing, always wanted to feel like a princess in a castle with a balcony lol
    maybe make a mini garden on ur balcony, it would be so pretty...good luck!!!!

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