Saturday, April 16, 2011

In my dream world

my sweet Saturday loves...

 Stevie Nicks...her music..her look...the whole package!

 furniture, that just makes me smile :)
 love it!

 summer fun at free people!

 beautiful vintage...taking a walk on a lovely spring day

all about the favorite!... cute enough to eat 

O my word...seriously my next car!!!!or should I say bus lol... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! taking it out on the open road

hope you enjoyed my sweet saturday loves!!!! xoxo


  1. I would love to give you some tips on recovering a stool. I would have to see a picture of your stools to get a better idea and tell u how to recover them. just email it to me and hopefully I can be of some help!

  2. your Saturday loves are oh so sweet. Thanks for sharing. I love Stevie Nicks - remind me of growing up, my parents were huge Fleetwood Mac fans.

  3. aww..I love that lovely umbrella and it's really perfect for an afternoon date in summer. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. hey guys thx!!!!! so greatful for your input :) xo