Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we have progress...

just wanted to post the slow progression of my "teacup clock project" I made a few changes from original plan..here's where I'm at,I actually decided to spray paint the teacups a terracota gloss spray paint, I wanted a modern twist to it, also painted the hands same color....

adding wood trim to the each side of the clock, and painting it the same color, I think it's coming out pretty nice, whatya think?

 we are repainting our hallway in our home as well and adding really pretty wallpaper to the front entry way, I think I know exactly where I would like to put this clock, hopefully it will be a nice addition to our redesign lol...ok will post final pix soon...o and I have not gotten to the "my sweet redo" pillows yet, that will probably be alittle later, still need to figure out what color to paint the chandelier.  ok guys thx for coming by, have an amazing day :)

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