Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my sweet spring denial

meeting one of my sweet friends for an early dinner, just want to share my sweet getup for the night.  Even tho it is a cold rainy spring day, I am so sick of "Winter/Fall" clothing, so my getup is a little in denial  about the weather, my sweet getup thinks its a beautiful sunny spring day and that's what I'm sticking with :)

really was having fun with this
"look of spring denial"
hee hee!
 I'll probably regret it when I go outside and feel the cold, o and of course 
I'll put on a jacket, 
but still I am just so sick of heavy sweaters, scarfs, boots, and gloves...over it! besides 
the way
I think of it, I'll be out in the cold for about 2 min, once from house to car then, car to restaurant right? 
o wow! I am so convincing myself that this is  ok lol

getup details:
flowery top: forever 21
tank: gap
jeans: freepeople
wedges: urban outfitters
daisy: one of my many flower DIY hairclips
belt: lucky brand

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  1. aww that outfit is so lovely! very spring-y :)